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IRS 2023 Plan Contribution Limits

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Deferral Limits

Elective Deferral Limit for 401(k), 403(b) and 457(b) Plans IRC 402(g): $ 22,500
Catch-up Contribution Limit IRC 414(v): $ 7,500

Benefits and Compensation

Annual Additions Limit for Defined Contribution Plans IRC 415(c): $ 66,000
Limit on Annual Benefits for Defined Benefit Plans IRC 415(b): $ 265,000
Annual Compensation Limit IRC 401(a)(17): $ 330,000
Highly Compensated Employee Limit IRC 414(q): $ 150,000
Key Employee Determination Limit IRC 416(i): $ 215,000

SIMPLE Retirement Plans

SIMPLE IRA Maximum Contributions 408(p)(2)(E) – Under Age 50: $ 15,500
SIMPLE Retirement Plan Catch-up Contribution Limit – Age 50 or over: $ 3,500

IRA Contributions

IRA Contribution Limit 219(b)(5)(A) – Under age 50: $ 6,500
IRA Catch-up Contribution Limit 219(b)(5)(A) – Age 50 or over: $ 1,000

Social Security

Social Security Taxable Wage Base (Old Age, Survivors): $ 160,200

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